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Do you or someone you know have any of these items to give away?

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* A 7 passenger Caravan 

(Willing to repair)

* An industrial copier



*Computer/Laptops (Willing to repair)


Always in Need of: 

Appliances- Televisions, Washers, Dryers, Microwaves, Toasters,


Kitchen Items:

Pots, Pans, Dishes, Utensils, Can Goods, Non-Perishables


Household Items-

*Clothes (Especially those that can be worn to work and on interviews)

*Blankets, Sheets, Pillow Cases

*Furniture (Bedroom, Kitchen & Living Room)

Ex: Dressers, Kitchen Table, Ironing Board, Coffee Table, etc


Gift Cards to assist with fundraising:

Hotels - For conferences 

Recreational - Bowling, Movies, etc

General- Target, Walmart

Food- Winn Dixie, Pulix



We invite likeminded companies and organizations to contact us regarding fundraising and networking.

We provide all of our clients with referrals. The more we know about the resources available the better we are able to assist our community.






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