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Services for Youth

New Group Starting Dec 1st. Register now by texting (727)678-1751 your name & youth seminar to start the process.

Our youth empowerment seminars engage, empower and educate youth about issues that are relevant to their current situation and their future.


We continuously seek funding, collaboration and sponsorship for our youth seminars.


Our seminars are open to all youth. Minority entrepreneurship training are a top priority for our vision of  self-sufficient communities. Your contributions allow our work to continue.

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Services for Families

We currently have funds, for financial assistance, for people in need who cannot otherwise get help for their issue from the community- including fingerprint fees, costs that support low-wage earning homeschooling families, certified diplomas, childcare, small car repair, and transportation cost - not including rent assistance at this time. Other costs related to elderly assistance, homelessness prevention, and job attainment can be considered on a case by case basis. Priority is given to homeschooling low-income parents and elderly families.

We seek funding for our financial assistance program (Call for requirements) and Wish List donations. We are a worthy cause because these cash assistance needs can rarely be met in the community; and, they are the key factors to helping someone become employed or to assist them in maintaining employment.


Please call if you are looking for an agency to complete an internship,  volunteer hours or community service hours. Flexible Hours!!! 


Current Happenings

Case Management Services

Is your family in need of case management services but, you cannot afford it? WE provide free case management in order to link you with community resources and other assistance to help you accomplish your goals. Family must have a child 17 and under in the household. 

Employment Services

Call today for private employment assistance. We give you job leads and you get the job! We enjoy working with all clients including,

ex-offenders. We will assist with your background exemption paperwork for free or give you referrals into the community for other helpful services to link you with the best employment options for your situation. 

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