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Direct Services For Youth (Donate Today)

We primarily work with youth who live in targeted areas within

St Petersburg, FL. 

We have numerous outreach methods being utilized at this time to

engage the youth, set parameters, and gauge outcomes.

We are not in a rush! We want to figure out what works and implement it effectively.


















Direct Services:

Currently Provided by Firmly Established 

Direct Services  

(Provided by Firmly Established Inc. Under Jannet H. Msw, RCSWI)

Firmly Established Inc. currently provides culturally driven seminars that empower youth, promote entrepreneurial endeavors and provide valuable information towards financial planning and career competency. We provide wrap around case management to their friends and families.

We accomplish this through coaching and mentorship made available to low income youth and at risk youth within Pinellas County, networking with local youth groups and organizations; and partnering with community resources that will impact the lives of their families immediately. Youth are given recreational and household resources based on a family assessment. 

We are currently self-funded. We seek funding in order to secure venues for seminars, provide materials for seminars, develop opportunities for hands on entrepreneurial training, cover transportation costs and he cost of recreational activities.

 Request information on our Work Funds Rewards Program. 

This allows our youth to understand career paths firsthand thru on-site work learn experiences and behind the scenes on-site tours.

We currently provide Employability Services that will stabilize households. 

We also seek funding in order to expand our employability and financial assistance services. 

Costs covered include childcare, fingerprint costs, transportation, and other small costs not covered by other agencies (Does not include rent or utility costs)


Contact us to sponsor our next seminar- November 2018! 




We currently offer sliding scale Counseling Services starting at $5. Call for details.


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Future Services:  In need of funding

Our Vision for youth services for girls and guys entering into High School is to engage them through seminars and mentorship that promote good self esteem, healthy socialization, goal setting, career & college planning and positive friendships.

Our organization seeks to accomplish these goals through interactive groups, teen conferences, and group outings. These experiences will teach the girls about life outside of their school and home environments, link them to mentors and information in relation to their interests; thereby, increasing their self esteem and likelihood for personal and professional success.

We are currently seeking funding.  With additional funding groups can be held on a consistent basis, seminar materials can be purchased and larger locations can secured to accommodate more teens. We are seeking grant opportunities. We also welcome contact from businesses and private sponsors who believe in reaching children at an early age to produce responsible self sufficient adults.

(Provided by Firmly Established DBA: Popular Choice) 

Popular Choice is not currently funded and is not active. Popular Choice seeks funding in order to establish a wrap around self-sufficiency childcare service. Low income clients in need of childcare would receive childcare, case management, referrals, and free extended childcare to work on self-sufficiency goals on-site. Limited housing is also a service we want to offer. Please request an Interest Letter if you are offering funding or other contributions towards this endeavor. Within the letter we will outline our implementation and marketing plan.


Direct Services (Provided by Firmly Established DBA: Ebu Cafe Under Chris K., Life Coach)

Ebu Cafe is currently not funded. We are seeking funding in order to establish food industry services that cater to low income families who want more than a diner experience for their buck. This establishment will provide a community location for discussions on economic empowerment, social policy awareness, fundraising groups and family activities. 90% of the jobs will be for those with limited work histories, background blemishes and other disenfranchisement criteria.

Employees and patrons will be encouraged to discuss issues they are facing in order for staff to refer them to community resources.  Creating a wrap around services work environment.

Request an Interest letter if you desire to provide grants or other contributions towards this endeavor. We will outline our implementation and marketing plan for you. Email us today!


We promise to join with likeminded individuals, groups, and organizations to maintain a unified network and referral system that effectively addresses the spoken needs of the communities we strive to impact.

To help strengthen individuals, youth and families (through Direct & Indirect Services); thereby, strengthening communities to be stronger vibrant breading grounds for success.

Our Promise Statement
Our Mission

About Us

Jannet H.

Msw- USF

Kerry S.
Realty Investor/Accountant
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