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 Virtual Youth Empowerment Group Seminar 2020

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Our fall session - Started December 1st

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Do you know a young person between the ages of 8 and 14 who could benefit from exploring the answers to: 

What are these talents meant for? 

Where can my talents take me?


How do I get there?

Then call to register for our upcoming Spring 2021 Youth Empowerment Group Session.

We provide the creative environment, direction and instruction for youth to answer these questions. Once they find these answers they will be able to identify their creative abilities and use them to create legitimate streams of income!


This is not a faith-based seminar. It is a cultural/entrepreneurial seminar tailored for minority youth to address the issues they face as they navigate school, community, politics, employment, family and life itself. Our goal is to teach them to overcome all hurdles and maintain self-sufficiency.

Youth get to participate in Creative Groups

*Creative Music 

*Creative Dance  

*Creative Cooking

*Creative Chess

*Creative Art

and more...

*Entrepreneurial Group - Youth will learn how to turn their creative passion into an income generating activity. 


Please call for more information on our upcoming 2021 seminars.

Next Seminar - TBA 3/21


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Current  Services

We have the following services available:

*Parent Empowerment Group

This free group assists with building a support system, finding resources, addressing motivation and goal accomplishment. Contact us to register.

New Group Forming Now

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*Homeschool Assistance

We assist with resources and financial assistance to support low-wage earning homeschooling parents. Including WiFi and Light Bill payments.  

Contact us for eligibility. (727)678-1751

*Assistance With Background Exemption Application

Do you have a disqualifying misdemeanor or a felony conviction that is keeping you from being employed after taking a tier 2 background screen?

You must be out of incarceration (at least 3 years for felony convictions) and not have a sexual offense in order to file for exemption. Please call for more information (727)678-1751

*Internships & *Community Service

 Flexible hours available. 

High School & College Interns 

Those in need of community service hours. Call today. (727)678-1751


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Would you like to donate to our Background Assistance fund? Tier 2 screenings cost $55 and up. This is for hardworking individuals who would otherwise go unemployed without this assistance. Click Here

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 Mail Donations to Our Office:

CrossPointe Plaza

3510 1st Ave No. suite #226

St. Petersburg, Fl 33713

No walk-ins. Appointments Only.

Call (727)678-1751

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*Volunteer with us 

*Intern with us

*Financial contributions

*Household Item Donations

*Work Clothes Donations

*Appliances and Electronics accepted

*Vehicle and Home Donations

-Needed: A caravan and a pick up truck

Joint Venture Collaborations to enhance our services and profitability.

You do not have time? You do not have money? But, you want to help? 

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